Village perfumes

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Village perfumes

he natural perfumes Gargano and Daunia are born from a careful study of the biodiversity of the park of Gargano and Monti Dauni together with the naturalist Dott. Gennaro Viscio The essences used are distilled in steam, by squeezing and with CO2, and have been purchased outside Puglia, as there are no companies in the region that deal with this activity. The characteristic of the fragrances Gargano and Daunia is that each village has its own fragrance that characterizes it, as happens in nature, so that Vico has prevailing notes of ‘citrus, the Umbra Forest smells of trees, undergrowth and oak moss. “I simply tried to copy from nature that’s how I conceived this line” says Daniela Corrente, the nose that created them. Daniela Corrente lives between Vieste and Romagna, since the 90s deals with plant distillation and is one of the few noses in Italy to make 100% natural perfumes. Inspired by the richness of the biodiversity of this land, it has created the perfumes of the villages, a range of fragrances that highlight the peculiarities of each village by relating them to each other through an olfactory journey. Today there are 9 fragrances created that take the name of the villages: Vieste, Vico, Rhodes, Foresta Umbra, Tremiti Islands, San Giovanni Rotondo, Monte San’Angelo, Borgo Incoronata, Lake Varano.  Glass bottles and wooden plugs lead back to the earth element, while the packages are made with plastic nets recycled from the sea. The collection of this plastic is done by hand along the beaches of the Gargano coast and represents the commitment of DanielaCorrente fragrances for the protection of the landscape, for the protection of biodiversity, for the welfare of the planet. Each pack helps to increase the work of farmers who grow aromatic plants, and favors the recycling and reuse of waste.  The perfumes are distributed on the Gargano in pharmacies, in hotels, in boutiques, are present during the most important events, are on sale online. DanielaCorrente Profumi is in partnership with the Pelandra Tour

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